Titirangi Golf Club

Hole in One Policy

Tradition says when you have a hole in one you shout your fellow players and any golfer in the bar upon your arrival. This is always on the day of the hole in one.

In all cases, a hole in one must be during a legitimate round, a signed scorecard completed and at least 7 holes played.

Titirangi Member at Titirangi

  • A bar account of up to $200
  • An engraved trophy to commemorate the achievement

Titirangi Home Club Member at another NZ course

  • A bar account of up to $150 (Please bring your receipt back to Titirangi for reimbursement)
  • If you want a commemorative trophy please arrange with the host club (at your expense)

NZ Affiliated Visitor to Titirangi

Your own Club’s hole in one policy stipulates what they will do for you.

We will attempt to find out what their policy is if you are unsure.